Friday, October 19, 2012

NASA Curiosity touches the Mars rock shocked by scientists

The mars rock touches the NASA curiosity this time it touches the more different from before Tasks. 
The mars rock is looks like some odd rock to see from inside from the Earth. The traveler team used 2 instruments to determine the curiosity and structure of the rock is football that type of rock is known as “Jake Matijevic “.

Edward Stopler says that the rocks looks like odd rock but it is also known as igneous rock it’s mostly found only at many volcanic regions on earth surface this statement is supposed by Edward Stopler in Pasadena he is a curiosity co investigator. The Martian rock touches mars its surprising by the by they are investigating that the Martian type but it’s very difficult to know what kind of procedures.

The Jake rock is comes under many procedures in the planets layers and the outer layer of the rock from the term crystallization and the rock contains water rich magma eminent with pressure.
The work is under the process and drive curiosity about 100 yards eastward and to target the rock using drill tool.

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